Care and Upkeep

  1. We cannot emphasize enough that lengthened hair needs special care.
  2. Before going to bed, it is recommended if you have long hair extensions strands that you pull it back in a loose ponytail, a side low loose braid to prevent the hair from getting tangled, In the morning, gently unravel the braid or the ponytail with your fingers.High ponytails or buns are NOT allowed the first 3 weeks only when hair grows a bit you can. Very important or it can ruin your follicle. Very important to BRUSH with the recommended brush from the nape up row by row. A paddle brush can be used to remove tangles from the mid shaft to ends of the hair only. Do Not brush from scalp to bonds through to ends when brushing ALWAYS section the hair from nape up. Hold hair very firmly from mid shaft, start to brush out all tangles with paddle brush, after the tangles are out hold the hair firmly under the bonds and continue to brush the mid shaft to the ends, holding the hair very firmly creates less to no tension on the bonds. And that will keep your natural hair in the best state. And no shedding of the extension will occurs. Only brush the bonded area with the special brush.

  3. Do Not Shampoo for the first 2-3 days, unless your hair produces a lot of oil within a day.NEVER wash your hair with head face down. Always tilt your head back and foam hair from top to bottom.PLEASE REMEMBER TO WASH THE NAPE OF YOUR HEAD VERY WELL. VERY IMPORTANT The nape tends to produce the most oil, sweat, its the healthiest section of the hair and we tend to not focus as much in the back nape area, this is “VERY IMPORTANT”. Extensions Slip out more around that area, unlike the top and sides where more of the focus is. I recommend to Always Shampoo Twice especially in the Nape area. Never dry with a scrubbing action; wrap with a towel to absorb the water. Follow after with a leave in conditioner then brushYou must use recommended products, as problems do occur with other products. Shampoo to be the most importantDo not use products that contain sulfur such as dandruff shampoos, or glycerin, silicone etc… NEVER use shampoo from a drug store. Always shampoo twice especially in the nape area where sweat and oil tend to hold more. Never put conditioner on the roots, it may cause extensions to start slipping out. Avoid product on bonds especially wax, silicone, oily, conditioner products. Hair sprays and dry shampoos are allowed. Always call and consult before using any new products to make sure they are compatible with the hair extension brand.

  4. NEVER USE HOT TOOLS ON BONDS. Heat is how hair extensions are applied, heat is how they will release, and can damage your hair if you are not careful, especially in the back where it is hard to see. This in time can create hair extensions to start falling out and slowly start shedding. AVOID BONDS AT ALL TIME EXCEPT WHEN BRUSHING AND DETANGLING
  5. After washing,towel dry, put in leave in conditioner and brush. Always blow dry bonds this is a must and very important because if too much water gets into the bonds it can create slipping and shedding. Never put your hair in a ponytail wet unless bonds are thoroughly dry.

  6. Extensions may slip out but they should Not be ripping out (ripping out means your hair is attached to the bond). If this happens this is a sign you are being to rough with your hair. You need to handle it with more care and make appointment to get it checkout. Please save all hair extensions that have slipped or ripped out Most of the time they can be put back in if they have slipped out. There will be a fee, if you like to put them back in. TWO WEEKS AFTER APPLYING HAIR EXTENSIONS, RETURN TO THE SALON TO HAVE A CHECK-UP. Some bonds may get tangled if you do not brush your hair daily. The natural fallout of your own hair may cause a little tangle between the bonds, if this happens, please pull apart and separate strands, if it gets to matted make an appointment to have it removed.

It is natural to lose a few strands due to natural fallout. You can return and have a few strands added, if necessary. Removal can be done at the salon.