Testimonial 1

Christine Lee Song is the most amazing skilled hairdresser I have had the privilege to meet. I met Christine after all my hair fell out and broke off to due a very bad dye job at a salon downtown. I was devastated. My long Barbie blonde hair had been fried off. I was desperate to find someone who did quality hair extensions so I could at least have some self-confidence back until my hair grew out. I asked around and heard about Christine through a friend, who had known a client of Christine's. She told me her friend was very satisfied with her extensions and they didn't damage her hair at all. When I went to meet Christine she was so supportive and kind and she showed me her book. I was so impressed with what I saw. She is a true artist and skilled hairdresser. I came back to get extensions shortly after I met her. It is impossible to describe the awful state my hair was in before Christine put the extensions in. It was broken off at a quarter inch all over one third of my head.

Christine put extensions in and made my hair look full and like I had a natural bob hair cut. It was amazing. I could not have gotten through those hard times without her. Her extensions gave me the confidence to get through my day-to-day life. My hair had been ruined so extremely that before I got the hair extensions I had been embarrassed to go to work or just go about day-to-day life normally. I was so happy with Christine's work that I got a second round of extensions even after my hair had grown back to a very short, but normal haircut. They just made my hair look so perfect and full and long that I couldn't resist. I would recommend Christine to anybody at anytime anywhere. She is amazing. I even trusted her so much that once I took out my second round of extensions I let her dye my hair blonde again! Previously I had sworn that after my hair fell out I would never go blonde again. Christine is the only person I would trust to dye my hair blonde or do extensions on my hair.

Thank you for saving me and my hair Christine!

Testimonial 2

I cannot but thank Christine for her expertise, patience, advice and help in dealing with my thinning hair problem. The moment I walked in Christine made me feel very comfortable. I had tried every option available for thinning hair but nothing worked for me. Great lengths extensions have given me the confidence I never had to deal with my hair problem, besides the excellent quality of hair, it transformed my hair into what it used to be, the fullness of beautiful long hair.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Christine to anyone who wants the look of healthy full hair. Apart from offering excellent service, she really takes the time to make sure her customers are satisfied. The constant compliments that I receive from friends and strangers about the quality of work on my extensions is amazing and how unnoticeable they are. I am very grateful to Christine for rebuilding my confidence.


Testimonial 3

All I say is, if you are thinking about getting extensions, and you are trying to justify the money, there is no fashion piece, non surgical procedure, face cream, or anti aging product that will give you the impact, take years off you, and totally update your look, not new glasses, not braces, not teeth whitening. Put all that money into your extensions and it will give you the biggest pay off! And Christine is the all in one go to girl! She cuts, she colours and she does amazing extensions, tailored just for your hair. She has experience with all the kinds of hair extensions and she knows what she is talking about to keep your hair healthy! Try it, you will never regret it!

With love, girl